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Responsible Investing

Honor the Lord from your wealth… Proverbs 3:9 ®

How to Be

Biblically Responsible vs. Socially Responsible

The financial industry is filled with organizations that strive to achieve Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) by committing to invest only in companies they believe have a positive impact on our world based on their own definitions of what to value. This is often referred to as ESG (Environment, Social & Governance). At Triumphant, we practice Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). We believe to “have a positive impact” is better defined as adhering to Biblical teachings and values which are wise, edifying and lasting. That definition is especially in, but not limited to, matters of the environment, society and government leadership. It has been our observation that ESG is often biased (or at best is highly subjective) and allows for and even encourages a pursuit of profits over purity.

What is BRI? Biblically Responsible Investing is a term used to describe an approach to investing assets in a way that is in sync with an investor’s faith and Biblical beliefs. The definition that we like is:

 “BRI is an investment decision making process that applies Christian values to issues facing shareholders and stakeholders regarding moral and social principles. This coupled with traditional financial analysis provides a platform for investment decisions that allows us to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts and respect the foundational beliefs of our shared Christian faith.”  *Source: Christian Investment Forum (CIF)

Is Making A Profit… A Higher Priority Than Purity?

At Triumphant Portfolio Management, LLC ® we believe it is important for investors to choose to invest the assets they steward into companies that respect and encourage their faith & values. We have observed that certain parts of our culture are becoming increasingly intolerant of men & women of Christian faith. Further, in corporate boardrooms across America we have seen where integrity and morality have more frequently taken a back seat to a thirst for corporate profits and/or a demand to push social agendas.

But be encouraged! There are alternatives for you to consider when investing. At TPM we work diligently to find companies that compliment our values without sacrificing performance and we take the phrase “put your money where your faith is ®” seriously by maintaining a database of restricted stocks/investments.

In our limited capabilities, we cannot gauge every decision made by large corporations against the litmus test of Scripture, including corporate donations and endorsements. That’s why we have decided to pinpoint ten industries we believe are specifically opposed by Biblical teachings and why we actively strive to not invest or participate in companies within these industries.

We believe these ten industries (listed below) do more harm to society than they do good by supporting and engaging in sinful actions that are contradictory to Biblical teachings. As a result, it is our specific practice to avoid them and to invest our clients’ capital in companies from industries whose goods and services do not conflict with our faith and values.


Restricted Industries

A detailed list of restricted stocks & ETFs is available upon request


Values We Live By

Our mission is to do our work “heartily” as unto the Lord. We recognize our job is to serve our clients and employ our gifts and talents in a way that blesses them and honors the Lord.  We strive for excellence but recognize we will never be perfect.

We work to put God first, followed by our family, clients, co-workers, friends, and our community.
We rest on Sunday. No market research; no trips to the office to do work; and no financial news. We worship our Creator, enjoy time with our families & friends, and look for opportunities to serve others.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.” – Colossians 3:23-24



A day "set apart as holy." No market research or trips to the office. We rest, worship our Creator & look for opportunities to serve others.

charity (1)


The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care and done in a way that honors the Lord.



We vow to use our monetary blessings to fulfill Scripture's call to care for others & make disciples around the world.

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Living our values is not always easy and can even bring conflict with the world but our mission is to put Jesus Christ first.

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