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Combining Technical & Fundamental Analysis to reduce stock market risk via a disciplined investment process.
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Investment Decisions
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Disciplined - Vigilant - Biblically Responsible

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Our Difference

Why Triumphant?

Independent. Objective. Professional. Biblically Responsible.

Striving to bring glory to the Lord Jesus through serving our clients.

Combining Technical and Fundamental Analysis to Reduce Market Risk through a Disciplined Investment Process.

Serving Private Individuals, Corporations, Educational Institutions and Church & Faith-Based Ministries.

Over 50 years of combined investment management and stock market research experience.

Client assets custodied by industry leading Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


We must act in your best interest, put your needs before our own and remove or state conflicts of interest.


We make the portfolio management decisions for you to allow you more time to do what you do best.


We don’t sell you anything or earn any commissions. Our fee-only structure removes that conflict.


We strive to grow your assets in up markets and preserve them in down markets with defensive tactics.

Triumphant Faith

Socially Responsible

We are a portfolio management company run on biblical principles with the goal of glorifying God and positioning clients for clear conscience gains.

We employ an investment decision making process, including the use of a rigorously maintained restricted list of 8 offensive industries, that brings Christian values into the investment selection, seeking investment opportunities that better represent those Christian values.

Triumphant Process


We are a portfolio management company that reads and utilizes investment trend charts to discern the “footprints of money” in order to gain insights.

We employ an investment decision making process, including technical analysis (the “math of the market”) married with fundamental investment research, to achieve our dual mandate of protecting capital in down markets and seeking leading opportunities in up-trending markets.


Call to

“Might it be that we are actually investing in things that are both hostile to and fighting against the very Kingdom to whom we belong? Are we intentionally, or unintentionally, making profit a higher priority than purity?”

Do not bring a female prostitute’s wages or a male prostitute’s earnings into the house of the Lord your God to fulfill any vow, because both are detestable to the Lord your God.   Deuteronomy 23:18 HCSB

“God detests both the action and the money that is made from that action to such an extent that He finds them both detestable.”

Jay Link – President, Stewardship Ministries

“If God be over us we must yield to Him universal obedience in all things. He must not be over us in one thing, and under us in another, but He must be over us in everything.” So, even how we choose to make money with His money is an important area of life stewardship.
Peter Buckley, Biblically Responsible Investing Institute



Mutual Fund/ETF Strategies

The mutual fund/ETF positions are monitored regularly for performance against their benchmarks and peers and for changes in management of the fund.

Equity ETF

We use valuable research tools such as Investors Business Daily ® to study fundamental and technical statistics to select stocks, funds and ETF’s.

Custom Investment Strategies

 These customized portfolios are designed to meet specific needs of a client outside of our four disciplined strategies. 

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This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized advice. This strategy cannot assure a profit nor protect against loss. Inherent limitations and market conditions may affect the performance of portfolios in any given market environment. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses associated with any investment strategy. Advisory Services offered through Sowell Management.

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