We Don’t Sell You Anything

We are “fee only” portfolio managers.

“We professionally manage your money on a “discretionary” basis to execute our dual mandate of growing your capital in up-trending markets while preserving it in down-trending markets.

As a “fiduciary” we must act in your best interest. This is known as the “Fiduciary standard”. We are required to “stand in your shoes” and view all opportunities from your point of view and make decisions for you on what has a high probability of working to your benefit.
By way of contrast, common brokers and hybrid advisers generally operate under the lesser “suitability rule”. This requires that their product only be a suitable investment for you. It doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you or even a good choice for you, but only that it be suitable for you in some way.

At TPM we don’t sell you anything, and we don’t earn commissions of any sort. We manage our clients’ assets on an annual fee basis only. Our “fee only” structure removes the commission conflict of interest that other advisers and brokers face. We are also free of any sales requirements or quotas from big banks, Wall Street brokerages or insurance companies.

Our annual fee percentage is based on the strategy(s) you select for us to employ while managing your assets and it is fully disclosed upfront. It is deducted in monthly installments and is displayed on your investment account statements and can also be viewed online.

In short, we are on the same side of the table with you. When you do better, we do better. We work for you and have the same goal as you: to grow your assets when markets are fruitful and to work diligently to preserve them when market conditions are weak.

You can count on us to work hard for you and to put your interests ahead of our own.”

– James Jon Benet, President and Founder of Triumphant Portfolio Management ®, LLC

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