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Put your

Money Where Your Faith Is®

Tracking the “footprints of money” by studying the daily “math of the market.

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At Triumphant Portfolio Management, LLC ® we believe it is important for investors to choose to invest the assets they steward into companies that respect and encourage their faith & values. We have observed that certain parts of our culture are becoming increasingly intolerant of men & women of Christian faith. Further, in corporate boardrooms across America we have seen where integrity and morality have more frequently taken a back seat to a thirst for corporate profits and/or a demand to push social agendas.

But be encouraged! There are alternatives for you to consider when investing. At TPM we work diligently to find companies that compliment our values without sacrificing performance and we take the phrase “put your money where your faith is ®” seriously by maintaining a database of restricted stocks/investments.


Restricted Industries

We purposefully screen for and DO NOT invest in companies in the following industries when making specific stock purchases within our managed equity portfolios. We believe these industries do more harm to society than they do good. As a result, it is our specific practice to avoid them and to invest capital in industries and companies that don’t conflict with our faith and values.