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Q2 2017 Continues the "Trump Bump" Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July!

As Americans begin to prepare to celebrate Independence Day, the market did its part by providing the “rockets red glare” with another strong quarter of investment gains. During the 2nd quarter, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite were up 2.57% & 3.87% respectively (% without dividends). That’s a good follow-up to the strong results of 2017’s first quarter!

The demand for equities continues and is being aided by the slow rotation of assets coming out of bonds as interest rates begin a possible multi-year advance.
Keep checking back to our “News” tab for updates in the “Current Market Outlook” section to monitor how the “Trump Bump” is becoming the “Trump Thump” of the bears and “haters”.
Have a Triumphant day!

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