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Q3 2017 Defies Gravity & Ignores Seasonal Tendencies

As September draws to a close and autumn settles in, we have observed the temperatures across America and the value of U.S. equity markets appear to be heading in opposite directions. This has caught many investors by surprise as the 3rd quarter has often historically been a period of declining prices and sometimes even led to panics in the stock market. With the “Trump Bump” persisting, what is falling now are the countenances of certain Wall Street “bears”.

In the 3rd quarter the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite finished up 3.96% & 5.79% respectively (% without dividends), showing signs of reacceleration after the strong first half of 2017!
The term T.I.N.A. (There Is No Alternative – to stocks) continued to prove correct as professional and individual investors alike hunted for a decent return on their investments.

Keep checking back to our TPM “News” tab for updates in our “Current Market Outlook” to monitor the progress of the “Trump Thump” and the “bears” possible trip into hibernation.
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