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Q4 2016 Finishes Strong as the"Trump Bump" Ignites a Rally

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2016 ended on a strong note with the “Trump Bump” salvaging the performance of the year as a whole. The initial market reaction to the election outcome broadened as the reality set in of what it could mean for a businessman to take over the Oval Office rather than a politician. Bank, material, and steel stocks soared.  As the prayers and pause of Thanksgiving gave way to the anticipation of Christmas, the major indexes throttled into all-time high territory and created a present of their own for investors. This year-end cheer was not celebrated nor received, however, by the bond buying community as their prices fell due to surging interest rates in anticipation of a better economy in the years ahead. During the 4th quarter, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite were up 3.25% & 1.34% respectively. For 2016, the S&P 500 & Nasdaq gained 9.54% & 7.50%. Not a great year, but considering where the markets were during the summer & fall, it was a respectable return. Keep checking back to our News page for updates in the “current market outlook” section to see if the “Trump Bump” will turn into a full fledged rally. Have a Triumphant day!

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