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TPM Officially Shuts Down & Deletes Its Facebook Page

TPM Officially Shuts Down & Deletes Its Facebook Page

January 14, 2021, Lynchburg, VA.

Triumphant Portfolio Management, LLC has announced today the shutting down and deletion of its Facebook page as a response to that social media’s censorship actions against the President of the United States- Donald J. Trump, among others.

James Jon Benet, President of TPM stated, “In response to Facebook’s blatant and overreaching censorship of President Donald Trump and other conservative voices, we at Triumphant Portfolio Management have decided to shut down and delete our long-standing Facebook page.”

Benet added, “It is a sad day in American history when a media company can punitively censor and disregard the First Amendment rights of any US citizen. In support of the President and those whose voices are being silenced, we will no longer take part in the Facebook platform as of Thursday, January 14. We intend to find and support a platform that respects and honors the US Constitution.”

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