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Triumphant PM Expands “Restricted” List Again

“On this 2nd day of March 2023, as our nation begins to experience a new spiritual revival, and as winter draws near to an end with spring and “new life” just around the corner, we at Triumphant Portfolio Management have expanded our official “Restricted List” of companies that we will aggressively look to eliminate from strategies in our discretionarily managed portfolios. Two industries are being added today; stem cell harvesting/gene editing, and social & legacy media companies that conduct unethical and abusive censorship on their platforms.”

This announcement was made public today by our TPM President & Founder, James Jon Benet, who also shared…

“Today, as we approach the “ides” and the “madness” of March, I believe it is imperative that we stand against the madness in our culture and push back on the industries and companies whose business practices include activities/services/products that are offensive to our faith and our values. Many of these so-called services and products are very destructive to the well-being of our communities. With today’s expansion to 10 industry groups, our restricted list has grown to over 250 publicly traded companies & ETF’s located in those 10 distinct categories.”

Mr. Benet added, “Our U.S. Constitution is under attack! The right to free speech is being seriously threatened. Ironically, the “progressives” are the ones mounting the attack against our God-given freedoms! And all in the name of “tolerance!” Come on, man. Give me break! The betrayal of our trust through abusive and law breaking tactics done by the major social media platforms and legacy media broadcast networks through intentional censorship by black-listing many stories and specific voices is just plain wrong and are perfect examples of breaking Jesus’ commands to ‘do unto others as you would have them do onto you’ and ‘loving your neighbor as yourself.’ Further, medical labs tinkering with DNA and acting like they are the Creator often leads to an abuse of ethical standards. Ask yourself, ‘do I even know what an embryonic stem cell is?’ Please go look it up.

People of faith, and even those without, need to stand up for what is righteous and true. Just because someone else may not believe in absolute truth, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hey! that’s absolutely true!”

Mr. Benet ended with, “Like I stated way back in 2016, ‘we are called to be in the world, but not of it’, and I believe that especially includes the use of our God-given money.”

A complete listing of the 10 restricted industries can be found by clicking here.

The full aforementioned list of restricted stocks & ETF’s is available upon request.

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