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Special Bulletin: August 9th, 2017 (3:05pm Update) 


The market flashed a first stage sell signal yesterday. Please note that this signal was only the first of 3 possible sell signal stages. Thus, it is NOT a “sell everything now” signal, but rather a warning that certain conditions are turning negative. View it as a door has opened for possible selling by market participants, and we are now watching intently to see if “they” enter through it. We believe the time for a few proactive measures has arrived. As a result, we have raised our cash levels in certain strategies and have also invested initial amounts of capital into inverse index ETF positions as a hedge in 3 of our growth strategies. If the market breaks additional “key” support levels within the next several days, triggering stage 2 & 3 sell signals, we will take further defensive action for our clients. If, however, the stock market shakes off this growing weakness quickly on powerful up volume, we would then exit our hedges & redeploy the proceeds back into the market. Stayed tuned.  

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