Special Bulletin: February 15th, 2018

This week the stock market has staged a brilliant rebound from last weeks significant declines, and as a result our Current Market Outlook has been upgraded to “Uptrend Under Pressure” with a “yellow” light. The market is currently still under a 2nd stage sell-signal based on our proprietary three stage sell-signal process. There are two important technical hurdles yet to clear in order to return to an all clear green light. One indicator will be confirmed over the next 2 days, while the 2nd could “go green” in as few as 4 days. We have refreshed our watch list and are hopeful for a full resumption of the “TTCR”, Trump tax cut rally. We have begun employing some of the capital we had moved out before the correction back into leading stocks and sectors that have shown strong relative strength during the past 2+ week correction. As a general rule, we are suspicious of “V” shaped rally bounces. If this weeks rally is only a “head fake” (aka. a dead cat bounce), we will know immediately. It is extremely important for the market to not experience any Distribution Days (Professional selling) at this point in the rebound. The action over the next 6 days will be very telling for the bulls & the bears.  We’ll keep you posted.  Have a Triumphant day! ®

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