Special Bulletin: November 21st, 2017

Our Current Market Outlook has changed to a green light with the “Market in a Confirmed Uptrend.” With the major indexes hitting all-time highs and volume trends confirming institutional accumulation of equities, our light has returned to “green”. Late last week both the House & the Senate voted to move the tax reform package to the next level. This positive development has spurred a new round of buying, especially in “growth” stocks. While a couple of technical indicators are still in a warning mode, the bulk of the technical evidence remains steadfastly bullish. Historically, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a fruitful (bullish) time for the markets, and as such our outlook remains positive. We continue to monitor our daily research for any “chink” in the markets armor and are ready to respond accordingly when, not if, weakness does begin to develop. In the meantime, since “the trend is your friend“, we continue to seek opportunities to grow our clients capital while it remains up.

Have a Triumphant day! ® & a happy Thanksgiving!

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