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Special Bulletin: September 20, 2018


ALL-TIME HIGHS! And this with higher interest rates coming and an ongoing battle to make “free-trade” fairer for the US around the world. It’s noteworthy that the Nasdaq did NOT hit another all-time high…yet. As we posted back in June & August of 2017 (see below), it’s T.I.N.A’s fault that the stock market has gone up this far. TINA means There INAlternative, to stocks that is, for most money managers to invest in to derive a decent return currently. It appears to us that “Mr. Market” is already looking past the mid-term elections and the Christmas shopping season and is focusing on a brighter future in 2019.

Our Current Market Outlook light remains “green” and our daily work on the markets internal technical indicators continues to reveal a positive environment for corporate earnings which supports the uptrend in stocks. Third quarter earnings releases, which begin rolling out in mid-October, will have a significant impact on the direction of the stock market through the end of 2018. For now, that direction is up.  

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