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Special Bulletin: April 3rd, 2017​


Many cross currents are affecting the markets right now. With the House’s failure to vote on a repeal of ACA (bad), “window dressing” by managers at the end of the first quarter (mixed), new month capital inflows (good), trade war talk (bad), and 1st quarter earnings season ramping up in 2 weeks (mixed), it’s no wonder investors have been concerned and undecided. Yet, with most of the major market indexes still trading above “key” technical support levels, any weakness could be short lived. The “buy the dip” crowd did show up last week and again today. However, the upside price action was muted and was not able to drive prices higher than recent peaks. New “distribution days” have also occurred which has kept the current tally at uncomfortable levels. When distribution (professional selling) piles up quickly in the span of several days or weeks, markets can signal a top may be nearing.

We believe the market is nearing an important flash point. A significant sharp move (in either direction) could begin at any time. While we don’t know which way the market will ultimately go yet, its current trend is still bullish. We recommend investors remain optimistic, but, with growing evidence of increasing selling pressures and internal deterioration, stay very alert!  Keep your eyes on Congress and the “pro-growth” and “lower tax” initiatives they propose. If those are expected to pass, the market should move higher. If they appear D.O.A., then the market will come under immediate selling pressure.

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