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Special Bulletin: March 29, 2024


 Is He Worthy? He is!

As the first quarter comes to an end, this is a great time for reflection. The year has started off well, as far as the markets are concerned. Even the Presidential political process has firmed up. Much is at stake in the remaining 9 months. More on that below.

While the quarter was very solid, the major indexes have actually sputtered over the past 2 weeks, barely inching higher on waning volume. Distribution days (professional selling) are increasing, too. Did March “go out like a lamb?”

Today the market was closed for the observation of Good Friday. (What was so good about that Friday anyway? More below, also.) The Fed’s favorite “PCE” reading came out today at a level that most think will satisfy the Fed (and investors). Monday should be up. If not, ask why immediately.

With investor sentiment at extremely high levels for several weeks in a row now, the stock market appears priced for perfection. The big institutional investors are keenly aware of this and will likely “flip the script” at some point soon to catch the crowd off guard. Additionally, as the election draws nearer the odds of a disrupting “event” are growing.

Our Current Market Outlook remains “Market in an Uptrend” with a green light. Our “Core Four” (see top of page) sports 2 green, 1 yellow and 1 red light with a VIX that is still under its 50-day mav. 

Again, much is at stake in the market in 2024. Much is at stake in our own lives, too. In a word: eternity. Each of us has a date with destiny. For some it will be blissful and heavenly. For others it will be a literal hell. Much is indeed at stake.

We don’t believe the lie that “We live. We die. And that’s all there is.” Most of us are too smart, too aware of the realities of an afterlife to fall for that simple dismissal. “A dismissal of what,” you may ask? A dismissal of the fact that we are responsible for our own actions and that we will all be accountable for the life we lived when our time comes.

But there’s the rub. For many it’s far more fun to “run wild,” to “sow their oats,” to “live like there’s no tomorrow” than to make choices in their life in light of the coming judgement.

What if you managed your portfolio like that: carefree; cavalier, and wide-open? Plunging into every whim or impulse you think of just for the “experience.” How would your results look? What kind of track record would you likely create?

Why do you suppose it would be any different for something that really matters – like your soul?

The fact is we are all image-bearers. We are made in God’s image whether we like it or not and whether we believe it or not. I can believe that the sun is not hot with all my might and be very sincere about it, and even tell others the same thing over and over, but I would still be wrong. If I can’t prove my belief is a fact or not, then all I have is a strong opinion. Opinions change, God does not. The evidence of millions of radically changed lives throughout history after an encounter with Jesus is irrefutable. 

The fact is that the world was forever changed when God (Jesus Christ) was born in Bethlehem. We can’t undo that fact. It’s historical. It has been documented and verified for over two thousand years and even by early secular writers. When you & I showed up, it was already in motion. Regardless of our opinions, it happened, and He is real.

So, what’s the big deal? Why did He have to come anyway? And why should it matter to us? In a word, sin.

We are guilty of it. Most of us are good at it and participate in it daily. We know our own sins. Our conscience disturbs and provokes us from time to time. And that’s for our own good.

Let’s go back to our assets for a minute. How do you approach risk? Are you bold or timid? Are you aware or clueless? Do you admit failure or try to hide your mistakes? The same questions should be asked in all areas of our life, especially the spiritual realm.

Since we are all guilty of breaking laws: moral laws and/or Gods’ laws, there is a penalty (a punishment) due. Why? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a just system. We all want justice, except when it’s directed at us. Then we want mercy.

That’s what happened at the cross.

You, me, all of us are guilty. He was innocent. Yet, He willingly and mercifully paid the penalty for our sins. He intentionally and lovingly sacrificed it all. He is worthy.

Now it’s your turn. Are you in an intimate relationship with Jesus? If not, all you need to do is confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you, then repent from them and follow Him as Lord of your life. That’s why it’s called Good Friday.

“… and as the women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living One among the dead? He is not here, but He has risen. Remember how He spoke to you while He was still in Galilee, saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.” Luke 24:5-7 NASB 1995

Game plan: The trendlines of the major indexes remain properly stacked and over their 10 and 21-day mav’s. But don’t get complacent! Distribution days are creeping up in number. Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6-7). May they prosper who love her.

Note: You can learn more about The Triumphant Core Four risk management system by clicking here.

Have a Triumphant Easter!

The information in this article is based on data obtained from recognized services and sources and is believed to be reliable. Any opinions, projections or recommendations in this report are subject to change without notice and are not intended as individual investment advice. Not to be used as legal or tax advice. ©2024 Triumphant Portfolio Management, LLC.

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